Friday, December 4, 2009

Hangin' In There

Hey Ladies,
It's been forever since I've had time at the computer. Seems that the kids and I are struggling to push through the last weeks of school before the break( just one more week). I don't know what it is, but as soon as those decorations come out, it's harder to school. They get really excited:0)

As far as cruchin' goes. I've been a loser lately, and not the biggest loser either! The girl problem arrived around US Thanksgiving, and that sent me for a loop:( Chocolate!!!!! I'm over it now, but have been trying to keep the exercise up. If I exercise at night, then I can't get to sleep for hours! Trust me, I need my sleep to take care of 4 kids under 7:) The mornings have not been good lately.... It doesn't get light here till about 9am. I aim to get up at 6:50 to get dressed, do Bible reading, and start school. It seems that I just can't get up any earlier. Sob story... I know! These days, I literally go from 6:50am until 9pm without sitting down. That is leaving NO time for exercise. I really have to MAKE it happen. That often means making kids play or do it with me, and forgetting about the house work and million other things that need done.

Good new is... We had a fellowship last Sunday night at church, and I dove (not really) for the veggie tray. I had many veggies, 2 small sandwiches(1/4's), and 1/2 of a piece of dessert. I followed my Christmas tips, and saved at least 200 calories by drinking water:) I also picked my favorite dessert there, and cut the piece in half. This was very satisfying to me. I'm hangin' in there, and trying to maintain. That is my new goal for December... to maintain and exercise.

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