Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Final Crunch in

Ohh ... I am so sad it's over. It was so great to "meet" all of you, get to know you and be encouraged by you!

Okay ... here goes ...

2)This week I have no change. =(
Bust -1.5
Chest -3
Waist -3.5
Hips -4.75
Arms -1.5 each
R Thigh -2
L Thigh -2.75
Total -20.5!

3) No change this week. =(
Total -10!!!

4) I am thankful this challenge was started. Having the accountability to weigh and measure each week was motivating. Obviously I still took a couple of weeks "off" (at least not working so hard) during this challenge but I was encouraged to restart and keep up the work. I did not make my goal of 16 lbs, but that was my wishing goal. I had a realistic goal in my head of 10 lbs - which I achieved! I also know for next year to plan for 5 lbs a month instead of 2 lbs a week. =) I have never measured before, so I was encouraged by watching the numbers change - as long as I exercised.

5) This blog was an excellent idea! I don't know that I would change anything. I really liked that we could all post as we wanted and read as we had time. I liked how open everyone was - but I think that has to do with the wonderful ladies that were involved. =)

6)I did not really keep a good record of how many minutes exercised at the beginning...but starting 11/6 to present I exercised 1,540 minutes.

I plan on being back in Jan and keeping touch through (hopefully) the rest of my journey in the new year.
Thanks Danielle!


Joy said...

Hi Sarah,
Well, all I can say is "Yeah for Sarah!!" Congratulations on the weight and inches lost and even though the Crunch is done, lets keep at it. I´ve been amazed that we´ve all lost inches and weight, and though I admit that I´d like to have seen quicker results, I also know that sticking by my decision is for the long run, so am already thinking about new goals for January. I´m going to keep measuring on Wednesdays...that really motivates me. And now I have a starting point so that I can remember where I don´t want to return to.:) Have a wonderful Christmas. Love,

Dani Joy said...

I ditto Joy!!! Yeah, Sarah!!! This is the beginning! You can do this! Keep at it. Keep the goal in mind. I am going to sound new age here but we have to visualize what we want to look like. (not get down about what we look like now but do something about it.) Being healthy is the most important. You are on a great path.

I learned that i didn´t have to listen to the lie that I couldn´t ever be what I was before the babies. We can be! We can put our bodies in subjection.

I am sooo happy for you!
Can´t wait to start the next one. I have to work on this soon I think. I was thinking of starting near the end of Jan or beginning of Feb but I think I may start as early as mid Jan. (another challenge that is of course I am going to keep at the fitness.) ;)

Big Crunching hugs!!
Dani Joy

Dani Joy said...

Joy, I am so glad you are going to keep at this too! Measuring is so rewarding. I wish I had from the beginning. All I have as a ref. point if from August. and only since then I lost 10 in. in all. I can´t imagine what i must have lost since the beginning.

Hope you are having a wonderful Christmas!

Dani Joy

Sarah K said...

Thanks friends!
Joy, I too am planning to keep measuring on Wednesdays - to help with the motivation.
Dani, 10 inches since Aug! You are going to start running out of inches! =) LOL! Way to go!