Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Final Crunch in

Ohh ... I am so sad it's over. It was so great to "meet" all of you, get to know you and be encouraged by you!

Okay ... here goes ...

2)This week I have no change. =(
Bust -1.5
Chest -3
Waist -3.5
Hips -4.75
Arms -1.5 each
R Thigh -2
L Thigh -2.75
Total -20.5!

3) No change this week. =(
Total -10!!!

4) I am thankful this challenge was started. Having the accountability to weigh and measure each week was motivating. Obviously I still took a couple of weeks "off" (at least not working so hard) during this challenge but I was encouraged to restart and keep up the work. I did not make my goal of 16 lbs, but that was my wishing goal. I had a realistic goal in my head of 10 lbs - which I achieved! I also know for next year to plan for 5 lbs a month instead of 2 lbs a week. =) I have never measured before, so I was encouraged by watching the numbers change - as long as I exercised.

5) This blog was an excellent idea! I don't know that I would change anything. I really liked that we could all post as we wanted and read as we had time. I liked how open everyone was - but I think that has to do with the wonderful ladies that were involved. =)

6)I did not really keep a good record of how many minutes exercised at the beginning...but starting 11/6 to present I exercised 1,540 minutes.

I plan on being back in Jan and keeping touch through (hopefully) the rest of my journey in the new year.
Thanks Danielle!
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