Monday, December 21, 2009


I didn't have a very good crunching day yesterday. We had a very busy day. First, we had church, and then program practice for the kids. We quickly drove home and ate. Then we gathered our things and left for the party. We had a nice time with fellow Americans and sang lots of Christmas carols. I played the piano while we were singing, and then accompanied my daughter as she played an oboe solo. Then I accompanied a couple as they played the french horn and flute. I had lots of hand and arm exercise. Does that count? Of course, I am just kidding. At the refreshment time, I ate a very small piece of date cake and a small brownie. By the time we got home, we quickly got the kids in bed, as it was after their bedtime. I was so tired, I just got in my pajamas and read for a little while. I am working on reading a book for pleasure in Russian. That is a first for me, besides reading the Bible in Russian. I have my dictionary at my side. There are still a few words that I don't know.

Well, today was better, exercise wise. We had errands to run. As it was cold outside, our outside walking was pretty brisk. We went to 3 post offices (had to park quite a walk away), trying to track down Christmas packages. We went to the bank to get out money, and then we did some grocery shopping. In all, we spent about 3 hours walking, but I'm just going to count 1. Tonight after the kids went to bed, I used the elliptical for 40 minutes on 9 power. I was pretty surprised that I didn't even feel tired or winded. But, I decided that 40 minutes was enough. Now it is late, and I need to get to bed.

Crunchin' it to the end,



Maribel said...

A French horn and flute duet? My son plays the FH and my daughter the flute. I wasn't sure those two went together. What is your impression? We'll have to try it.

Dani Joy said...

I can imagine the specials were just gorgeous! The French horn is such a beautiful instrument. And the Oboe? who teaches your daughter the Oboe? My oldest just started the trumpet. Our second is learning guitar . all three are learning piano too. I pray we can go far with it.

I wish I had stuck with the piano. I don´t play good enough to play for church. ;(

my head is hurting still soo I will sign off now. big crunching hugs

Great Crunching on the eliptical!

Dani Joy

Siberia said...

Ashley's oboe teacher plays in the symphony in our city, and teaches at a music college as well. We are really thankful for her. She is an excellent teacher. We are really thankful the Lord has brought her our way. She needs to be saved, and we have witnessed to her a number of times. Maribel, the french horn and flute were very nice together. We had a really nice time. I was sight reading for the FH and flute special, so I wasn't able to enjoy the music as much as if I had been able to practice ahead of time.