Monday, December 21, 2009

Big Apology Crunch 26

I feel I owe you all an apology.

I am sooooo Sorry!!!

I didn´t do any crunching all weekend, nor could I come and check in on you all,Nor do I have any more highlights prepared, and I ate badly! booo hooo!!!

I will try to get around to commenting today. I will highlight the winners come Christmas Eve. I will eat better! Cutting out the sugar again till Christmas, and I will exercise everyday this week!

We had our kids club and my English students over for a party Sarturday morning. Then I was so drained. Then it was off for some Christmas shopping. I planned to exercise when we got home ,but things didn´t go as I had hoped. My emotional level was so low. I just had to go to bed.

Yesterday, Sunday, was church, and then our Christmas Program. It all went wonderful, but by the time I got home I had a huge headache. We praised the boys for their wonderful work by having a family camp out in the living room... so fell asleep on the sofa. jejeje

So needless to say, I am so sorry to let you all down.

I will exercise today and try to get my body back in gear for these last three days.

Three days and counting!!

Check out the tips on the side. Lord willing, they will help us to get through the Holiday season without gaining back all we have worked so hard to lose.

Crunchin´ it to the end,
Dani Joy
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