Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Sarah F... Nix the Fix

We closed on our house yesterday, and since then I have painted 3 rooms!! I just showered and sat down to read what all of you have been up to. I will try to take my measurements later, but I'm getting ready to pick my mother up at the airport. She flew in town to help get the house ready to live in! Here is what I ate today:

Breakfast: 2 peiced whole wheat low carb bread with 1 T of Natural Peanut Butter & 1 cup coffee - 1
Snack: 1/2 zone bar - 1
Lunch: Homemade turkey pot pie loaded with veggies (made the healthy way - this was a way to use the Thanksgivng leftovers!) - 1
Snack: 1/2 zone bar - 1
Dinner: Almond chicken with veggies - 1
Snack: Salad - 1

I painted for 4 hours straight yesterday after running 3 miles. Then this morning I started painting at 9 and ended at 4. There are parts of my body that hurt that I didn't even know existed, so I will be counting some of my painting time as points! I probably when up and down the ladder no less than 200 times!

I did weight myself this morning and it was 124 lbs! Again, I will try to take measurements tonight and post them tomorrow.



Dani Joy said...

Wow!! You go Girl!! Your body is responding so well!

You had asked what my new goal was. It´s what you are reaching. ;) 123. But well, i will be just happy hitting 125 by Christmas.

Any suggestions? I am stuck on 129. haven´t even seen that 128 again that I hit at the begining of the Crunch.

Oh I am so glad your Mom could come! PTL! I am so happy for your new house. You should post some pics of you painting, of course when you can. I know painting is hard work!! Great Crunchin!

So happy for you!
Crunchin Dani Joy

Dani Joy said...

btw .. what´s in those Zone bars? just curious cause we have bars here but they have glucose or sucrose.. and i am trying to stay away from the sugars.. would you recommend them if they have fructose?

Dani Joy

Sarah said...

Dani ~

The zone bars have sugar in them... that's one of the reasons why I break them in half instead of eating the whole thing at once. Almost all bars have some sugars.

I don't cut out all sugars completely. Sometimes it's best that your body gets a little regular sugar rather than all the sugar substitutes!

My tip is... give your body a break - it's helping me even though I know I'm losing some muscle!

Joy said...

Hi Sarah. Welcome back. Glad you are making such great progress on painting the house. I can totally relate with the ladder climbing :) I think it is really neat that we are able to do extra jobs and still get in lots of good exercise for our bodies.
I´m with you on the sugar too. Dani, I have some bars that I eat mid-morning (when I´m out doing errands) that are called "Marielu bars". They have plum paste in the middle and 97 cal. per bar, with 2.2 grs. of sugar.

Dani Joy said...

Yeah.. I have some sugars. I too think all those sugar sub. are bad. I use stevia when possible.

In the beginning my body was addicted to sugar, so I have had to be really careful not to start down that road again.

I took a good break at Thanksgiving. I wonder if I am not doing enough cardio though. I need to get a band that tells me how much I am burning and if I am in the fat burn zone. :)

Í am not overly concerned about losing, just want to keep healthy. ;) I like to eat. jeje

Thanks, Sarah,
Big Crunching hugs
Dani Joy