Sunday, December 6, 2009

Sunday and not so crunchy

Do you ever have an "off" day exercising? Well, that is how I felt tonight. I felt like I never really did get my rhythm as I was exercising. Anyway, I did get my 50 minutes in with my Full Circuit DVD this evening, as well as 10 minutes on my elliptical. Hopefully I will feel like I accomplished more tomorrow.

Time is short tonight on the blog here as I have a huge "to do" list to accomplish before our upcoming trip. It always seems to be this way before a big event. I usually get to the point where I feel like it would be easier and better to just stay home, but by the time you make it to the airport you breathe a sigh of relief and are able to enjoy the time.

I hope everyone has had a great start to a good new week, and you have been blessed in the Word today at church.


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Dani Joy said...

I think everyone must be getting busy. I am seeing few posts and fewer tickers moving. I pray everyone keep encouraged up to Christmas.

I totally understand about it being easier to stay home... I think I get to a point where I almost want to back out of leaving. I always have to push really hard to get everything done.

We have had a lovely morning so far. we had two ladies over for dinner. One came earlier and shared her heart with us. She and her family need lots of prayer. We have been praying for her and for her Salvation. It sounds like she might be saved but really has been struggling.

Thinking of you and Crunching with you,
Dani Joy
BTW.. I have had those times where I just didn´t feel like my exercise did much. But at least it got done. :)
I don´t know if I will get to exercise today. I think I will rest it out.