Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Tip on food.

Ok, I haven´t posted my measurents and exercise yet, but today I´ll start with what I had to eat.

1. Chicken breast. Just add a spice, olive oil and cook them in the oven.
2. Red peppers. Brown garlic cloves in olive oil and sauté red peppers. (From a glass jar, "pimientos del piquillo").
3. Salad. Lettuce, onions, corn, carrots and beets.

And it was delicious.

Have a great day. And crunch in.



Dani Joy said...

That´looks really healthy!

I had Tricia´s lentils today. woo hoo.. boy am I stuffed! LOL

Dani Joy

Joy said...

Ketty, the food looks good and definetly your serving sizes are much smaller than when we ate together last time at camp :) Keep it up and glad to know that the weight is coming down too. Love, Joy

Ketty said...

Jajajajajaja, for sure they are smaller Joy. As you probably remember, I LOVE to eat, it´s such a pleasure for me. So I´m trying to teach myself not to over do it. I do noticed I can´t eat as much as before. And I try to eat a fruit or a yougurt if I´m hungry between hours.