Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Wk5 - Measurements - Joy

Wow, can´t believe it has been 5 weeks since the Crunch began. Still sick this a.m. so only did 20 min. with Jillian, but the good news is I measured and have lost another 2 cms. and...(drum roll)...I´ve been at 70.3 now for 3 days so will count that as a kilo lost. That seems like a long time for my bod to notice that things have changed (diet and exercise), but this is good news. Thanks again for all the encouragement...and like Dani says, we are on the downhill stretch, so let´s give it out best.

Measurements and weight a week ago - today:
Weight 71.3 - 70.3 kilos
Bust 104 cms. - same
Waist 87 cms. - same
Hips 108 cms. - same
Arms 30 cms. - same
Left leg - 63 cms. - 62 cms.
Right leg - 60 cms. - 59 cms.

total cms. lost for the week: 2 cms.
total weight loss - 1 kilo

P.S. In spite of feeling lousy (sinus infection, fever, etc.) I have cause to celebrate, because after posting my points for today´s measurements, I´ve hit 100! Do you think my bod will cooperate and help me get to 200 before the end of the Crunch? : )
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