Wednesday, December 2, 2009

WK5 Ketty Measurements.

A little bit of change on my upper body this week, which is what I need.

Bust 40.5 in. 40 in.
Chest 33.5 in 33 in.
Waist 35 in. 34.5 in.
Hips 39.5 in. same
R thigh 20.5 in same
L thigh 20.5 in. same
R arm 11 in. same
L arm 11 in. same

Weight 149.5lbs. 147.5 lbs (67 kg.) (Can´t wait to see 145 lbs (66 kg) there) :-)

This week I won´t count the pounds I lost because I counted them before and gained them back. So I will only count 1.5 inches from the rest, just 3 points for that, isn´t it Dani?

Have a great day

1 comment:

Dani Joy said...

YOu have lost!! and your bust is going down!! Every little bit counts!! And you are moving in the right direction.

Great Crunchin´!

yes... 3 points for 1.5 in.


Dani Joy