Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Shopping day, Crunch In and measure in

Well, Wednesday is our usual shopping and errand day. My Wednesdays are always a bit off schedule due to it being our day out. This morning, as we were driving down our street, we met our neighbor on her way to the bus stop. We picked her up and drove her in to town. As we were talking, she told us about a store right in our village that we needed to visit. She said they sold turkeys. That was of interest to us, as we were unable to get one for Thanksgiving. I thought maybe we could find one there for Christmas.

We did our regular shopping, and I was able to buy leaf lettuce! I know that probably isn't a big deal for anyone else, but during the winter here, lettuce is usually either impossible to find, totally wilted, or so high in price we can't afford it. So I was really excited to be able to get that for our dinner. I love salads, but usually we are only able to enjoy them in the summer. So that was my #1 exciting thing for the day.

Next we went to another store, and I found lentils there. I have been looking for them for a few weeks now, because I wanted to try the recipe that Tricia posted for lentil soup. So that was the #2 exciting thing for the day.

On the way home, I asked my husband if we could at least quickly stop at that store my neighbor told me about. Now, you have to remember that we live in Siberia, and in a small village at the edge of our town, so we have lots of things that many people can get in other parts of the world, that we simply can't find here. I walked in the store, and I was really amazed. They had imported things from many countries. This company is the supply source for many restaurants in town, but they also allow the general public to purchase things there as well. Now, I saw many things today that I have never before seen in our part of Russia, like peanut butter, mozzerella cheese sticks, nacho chips, chocolate chips, quality imported meats and cheeses, and orange marmalade. Yes, you can see, I get excited about little things. Anyway, we purchased some bacon, plain nacho chips, and mozzerella sticks. Yes, I know, not good choices for the CCC. The chips and mozzerella sticks were part of our supper tonight, and I did eat 2 mozz. sticks, and about 5 chips with salsa. The rest of my supper was a wonderful tossed salad, with just a tiny bit of dressing on the side. I dip my fork into the dressing with each bite, so I end up eating just a tiny bit of dressing.

I finally got my workout in tonight after my kids went to bed. I really didn't want to do it, but I know you are all counting on me, so I made myself do it. It was my harder Full Circuit routine. I used my 5 lb weights, and found that the whole routine seemed a little easier today. I don't know if that is because I am gaining strength, or because of doing it in the evening, which is supposed to be a better time of day to exercise than morning. Anyway, when I finished, I felt so great! Maybe my body is finally starting to get in shape. I know that is what is supposed to happen after you are in shape and workout. You are supposed to feel great, and not tired.

I also did measure today, and ended up with more change than I thought had happened this week. I will post only the changes from last week, as many of the measurements stayed the same.

11/25 12/2

Chest 29.5 29
Waist 28 27
Hips 39.5 39

Weight: same 54.5 kg

I'm really happy with the waist and hip changes. Those are the areas I really need to see changes in. Here is a picture of me today, wearing a skirt that fit fine at the beginning of the challenge, and now is quite loose.

Keep up the good work everyone! I know I am seeing that my hard work is paying off! I hope you are too.

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