Wednesday, January 27, 2010

I "Sprung" Today!

I did some serious "springing" this morning....Danielle, you'd be proud!

Each day that I'm able to fit in some serious exercise (more than jogging up and down my stairs in my house a few time, or sweeping and mopping all 8 trillion meters of this get my point) is becoming more and more like a miracle.

So I'm here to publicly thank my Lord for working some gym time into my day. And also thank you to my Love for washing the dishes after our meeting this morning, so that I could squeeze in a workout before my language class this afternoon......(told you I'm busy!)

I'm pulling out some WW recipes I have stashed away...I'm excited about it!

Love you all Ladies!


Dani Joy said...

I am so glad you squeezed in your workout! remember to keep making that time for you! it´s so important. I squeeze my 40-50 min workout between classes too. It´s the only time I have.

Gotta keep Springin´! I am with ya!
Dani Joy

Siberia said...

Keep up the great work Nina!


Joy said...

Good job, Nina, and thankful too for husbands who are supportive and who help in a real way. My dh sometimes chuckles when he watches me do exercise...but I know I make a very strange picture, so I can understand, because I know he is cheering for me. Have a good day.

Dani Joy said...

Yes! I agree, Joy and Nina!! Isn´t it wonderful to have hubbies who don´t mind doing the dishes every so often. Mine actually tells me to leave the kitchen so he can do them and think. haha well, not in those words ,but I get the point.

Too cute, Joy, that Bro. Jack chuckles at your workouts. He will be so impressed and blessed as you stick with it!( was going to put something else but, I will leave that to our imaginations jeje)

I can already see a difference in your face. ;)

You all are such an encouragement!!!

Dani Joy

Nina in Portugal said...

I still won't let my hubby watch me weird is that?!

I'm afraid he will laugh I guess....

Went to the coast and did some running today. It was beautiful sunny weather, but there was a hard cold wind and now, my ears hurt! My hubby took my son with him to preach at the "nursing home' so that i could have time to go running....sweet..sweet man!!

I need to find some "public" exercise clothes to wear when I go running. At the gym, it's all ladies so I wear normal exercise clothes...not too concerned with modesty, but out in the 'real world' I need some fashion advice!!

I've been looking at websites to modest exercise clothes....hmmmmm....any thoughts?

Ketty said...

Jajajajaj, Jack is funny. I don´t have shame anymore, when I went to visit my sister the only place to exercese was the living room where my brother in law was all day, (he´s stuck in a wheelchair now bc they cut off both of his legs) but he wasn´t making any bad comments, the opposite he was telling all the kids to join me. Of course they didn´t.


Sarah K said...

What a great husband to help you take care of you!
Way to fit your exercise in!