Wednesday, January 27, 2010

First week

Ok, here are my measurements for the fist week. It´s almost the same as last week, I´m just glad is not bigger. :-)

Weight – 147.5 lbs.
SAME (67 KG)

Bust: 39 in. 39

Chest: 33 in 32.5

Waist: 32 in 32

Hips: 39 in. 39

Right Thigh: 20.5 in 20

Left Thigh: 20.5 in 20

Right Arm: 10 in. 10.5

Left Arm: 10 in.

I have done Jillian 3 times this week, I´m happy about that, and I did walk the rest of the week.
I am still doing ok on my 13 day diet, getting plenty of food. I am surprised because I though I would eat like an elephant, but I´m not.
This is all for today.
Please, keep crunching and you´ll see the results in a few weeks.

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