Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Sarah F. (Springy Journal # 2)

This week I completed my third week of P90X, and I'm now halfway through week 4 which is recovery week. Recovery week is a bit easier and does mostly stuff like yoga, kenpo (kick boxing), core synergistics, and stretching. I do NOT do 90 minutes of yoga & I have never done the stretching... so I really don't follow the schedule of week 4. The only thing that I do on this week is kenpo, core syergistics, and a LOT of running. Monday I ran 7.5 miles, yesterday I ran 6 miles, and today I've already run 4.5 and I'm thinking about running again this evening.

Coed Volleyball season has officially started, and my husband and I are pumped. I just hope it doesn't tear my shoulder up. I've has some issues with it ever since I fell down the stairs in September - we are praying that it's not a rotator cuff issue. Only time will tell.

As for my weight. I weighed in at 125 lbs this morning, which is exactly the same as the last two weeks. I have been burning MAJOR calories lately, so I'm worried that I'm actually not eating enough. This is something that I'm going to have to work on.

Here are my measurements:

Bust 32 ¾
Chest 32 ¼
L Arm 10 ¼
Right Arm 10 ½
Waist 30 ½
Hips 36 ½
R Thigh 22 ¼
L Thigh 22 ¼
Butt 38 ½

With a total lost of 1.5 inches!

This goes to show why people need to take measurements. Because sometimes there are inches loss, but the scale doesn't move!

Below is a video of a move from P90X Core Synergistics. I only show one lunge on each leg with the arm movements.... try doing them 24 times and then see how you feel! It's a great move because it involves all muscle groups!

TIP: Experiment with different way to workout a muscle. Just because you can't do one certain move, doesn't mean you can't work out that muscle. For example: If you can't do lunges, try doing just a basic squat. If you can't do tricep kick backs, do dumbells over the head. There is always an alternative, it's just finding one that works for you!

Have a great week ladies ~ Sarah F.

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