Friday, January 22, 2010

Newbie here...

I am soooo excited to be here. I think this is going to be a wonderful 10 weeks!!
I have been reading your testimonies and have been greatly encouraged by your diligence and determination.
I have had weight issues all of my life. I´ve had several health issues that seem to complicate the matter, and sometimes I feel like I will never be able to get on top of the problem. But you have given me hope... =) I know that the Lord can help me.. BUT.. I have to be willing to make changes.
I am so thankful for the 2 children the Lord has blessed us with. ( We were not able to have children for 10 years due to my hormonal issues.. but then the Lord gave us Marcos in Feb. of 2003 and Lidia in June of 2006)
Currently my husband and I are helping in a small church in Huesca, but he is again out of a job, so we are seeking the Lord´s will as to what to do and where to go and serve Him.
Well.. I am extending myself too much.. as to my goals for these 10 weeks:
Cut OUT sugar and white flour.
Drink more water.
Eat more fruits and veggies
And... excercise at least 20 min. per day to start
Currently my weight is 113 kilos (oh.. dear...)
This next week I am turning 36 and I really want to do this.
Please pray for me. Everytime I try something invariably someone comes along and tells me that another type of diet would be better for me.. I then get discouraged and just leave it.
But I just HAVE to do something, and I really believe that this is the time to do it.
Thanks for the opportunity to join with you in this journey.
Con cariño,


Dani Joy said...

Oh Rebeca! Welcome on in! WE are soo excited to have you with us! I feel everything you wrote! I feel it as if it were my own words and pain. I totally relate.

This is why I don´t call it a diet anymore! So totally sick of diets!!! It´s a fitness journey for life! Eating what is healthy and doing what is healthy for our bodies. "Movement is life" as one of our Physical theripist says. Of course we have Eternal Life in Christ, but what about our quality of life here on Earth... ooo I am preaching... at me too!

It starts as a prayer. God gives the rest. He will give you victory! I believe this with all my heart! I am going to be praying for you, my dear, fitness partner, sister! =)

I too, will be praying about your job/ministry situations. We love the people as Huesca! What a wonderful Family of God we have! But, Maybe you all could come up here and check out Gijón for a bit? ;) (aren´t we all trying to get more family around us?)

Springing with ya,
Dani Joy

Joy said...

Dear Rebeca,
I am SO happy to see you joined! I thought about you during the Christmas Crunch, but wasn´t sure what you felt about doing something like this.
And, as Dani says, remember this is not a diet to follow. This is a way to keep each other accountable, push ourselves a little further in the exercise, and with God´s help, begin to see good changes. As you exercise and begin to make changes in your nutrition, you will see the numbers change, and THAT will also encourage you to keep on.
Anyway, so glad you are here, and look forward to exercising and stepping into Spring together.
I´m not sure if you´ve heard of a website called It has a segment on writing down where you are - "body clutter". Sometimes seeing things written down makes it easier for us to face them and then begin to change. One of their mottos is "baby steps", and trust me, that is what we are all doing.
I´ll be praying for the job situation too.

Sarah K said...

Welcome Rebecca!
We are excited to have you join us! Happy Birthday! I am praying for you as you start on this fitness journey. I am looking forward to hearing how your first week went!
Springing into shape with you!

Maribel said...

Rebeca, I'm thrilled to see you here! We think of you guys often. It will be nice to be in this blog together. I'll be praying for you in your journey to fitness these 10 weeks. It may be a "new beginning". God bless you!
Do you all have a resume to turn in? We'll be praying for a job for Sammy.

Nina in Portugal said...

Hi Rebeca!

Welcome Sweetie!

Praying for you!