Friday, January 22, 2010

Sarah F. (Springy Journal)

I hope you all are having great weeks!

Here are my current measurements:
Weight: 125 lbs
Bust 32 ¾
Chest 32 ¼
Left Arm 10 ½
Right Arm 10 ½
Waist 30 ¾
Hips 36 ¾
Right Thigh 23
Left Thigh 22 ½
Butt 39

I have just completed my 3rd week of P90X. This is my second time doing P90X and I’m loving it! It’s a 12 week program, so I will be wrapping up P90X when “Spring Into Shape” wraps up as well. I am also training for my second 10 K in April, so I add in a run every now and then. (Usually on my upper body workout days). I call this my “sane” time because I get to read while running on the treadmill (it’s way too cold to run outside right now), and this is also when my kiddos know that Mommy is off limits.

My goal is not about losing any more weight, if the scale goes down I’m fine with that, but I’m not pushing to lose more. Like I said before, I’m sure I will see the scale fluctuate a pound or 2, but my goal is to maintain and be healthy. I also want to tone up more. I use the term “Get ripped” all the time with my husband and he finds it hilarious! But I want to get ripped!

I would like to cut back on the sugar (lately I can’t stay away from sweets), but I’m taking baby steps. The minute I cut something out cold turkey I seem to want it even more. So I say I’m slowly weaning myself from it. I guess we’ll see how it all goes!
Have a great weekend!


Maribel said...

Hi Sarah, last crunch I had a hard time keeping u with the posts and did not get to "know" many of you. I did keep up with your progress (by your testimonies) and I want to congratulate you. You'll have to introduce me to that P90X. I'll look it up on internet. Have a nice weekend.

Dani Joy said...

Hey, you look marvelous!!! I loved seeing your smiling face!

You didn´t say your weight though. I am just curious.

I think that´s great about you not in it for the weight loss now.. if more comes off great but i want to toned and get my hindend to stop jiggling for good!

So glad we can keep each other accountable.

Big Hugs
Dani Joy

Joy said...

Hi Sarah,
Sounds great that you are "springing" for the toning and not for the weight this time. You think one day I´ll be able to say that? Here´s to praying that God will help me as well in this new challenge.
Today I was at a Ladies meeting. I asked for smaller portions...but was sluggish all day...because I missed my exercise time. I too, like Maribel, am curious for you to share more info on P90X? Love, Joy :)

Sarah said...

I will share more about P90X as time goes by. It's a very intense workout that I recommend once you've been working out for some time.

Dani - I totally forgot to add my weight. I just added it to the post.

Sarah K said...

Welcome Back Sarah!
Congratulations on the no longer trying for weight loss!