Sunday, January 24, 2010

Shelley´s Testimony


I live in Andalucia, the southern part of Spain. I will be getting together with Ketty for workouts and it´s going to be much easier with her here. She has encouraged me to do this with all of you and I´m excited but worried at the same time that I won´t be able to keep my commitment. For some reason, every time I have tried to do this, something has come up and become "more important". Please encourage, challenge and "scold" me if it looks like I´m starting to slip. I need accountability. My mom is on here too. Hi mom! I love you. There are also lots of friends on here so it´s going to be fun......I hope. Thanks Dani for your testimony and hard work. You are an encouragement.

This last week has been very hard for me for different reasons. I have had a lot of stress and I usually go to food for comfort, especially sweets. You know....when life gives you sweets...right? (I think you are supposed to make lemonade with those lemons!)

Well, I´ve started this week. I´ve already done two twenty minute workouts and I´m watching what I eat. I´m on my way....



Dani Joy said...

Hey,Shelley! We have never met in person, but I have always wanted to meet you. ;) I am so glad that we can join together for this cause. Our health is important, for us, for our families and for the ministry. I pray, that this challenge sets you on a good foot for a lifetime of fitness and health.

I look forward to getting to know you better.

Springing into shape with ya,
Dani Joy

Ketty said...

I guess I´m going to try not to let you quit this time, she is going to have me bugging you about exercising because I know you can do it.


Joy said...

Hi Shelley,
Welcome to the group. I´m counting on you making it to the end of the month of March. You may miss a day, but then, none of the rest of us are perfect, so just get back on the program the next day. Once you begin to feel better and see the numbers start to go down, you will just want to keep at it because of the results. And hopefully, after just 10 weeks, exercise can become a part of your daily healthy choices. Love you,

Joy said...
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Maribel said...

Hi Shelley! Nice to find you here! This accountability is very helpful. Of course, having Ketty there with you might help too. She seemed to do pretty well last time!

Have a great time "springing into shape"!


Sarah K said...

Welcome Shelley!
This is the best group for accountability and encouragment! I will pray for you as you start this journey.
Springing into shape with you!

Siberia said...

Welcome Shelley,

We are glad you have decided to join us. Keep at this day by day, and you will be surprised how much it helps.