Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Springy Journal # 3 (Sarah F.)

This week I pushed myself pretty hard and I think my body is tired now. I've actually soaked my tired and sore body in my new garden tub 3 times this week... of course while reading a good book! And today I did P90X yoga just for the extra stretching (I'm not a big fan of yoga, especially the 90 minutes that P90X has you do - I usually run on the designated "yoga" day).

This morning I weighed in at 123 lbs. My previous weight was 125.


Week 1: Week 2:

Weight: 125 lbs Weight: 123 lbs
Bust 32 ¾ Same
Chest 32 ¼ Same
L Arm 10 ¼ Same
Right Arm 10 ½ Same
Waist 30 ½ 30
Hips 36 ½ Same
R Thigh 22 ¼ Same
L Thigh 22 ¼ Same
Butt 38 ½ 38

Total Loss: 1 Inch

My Workout Schedule:

Thursday: 40 Minute Run ( 4.25 Miles), 40 Minute Run ( 4 miles)
Friday: P90X Core Synergistics (1 hour), 40 Minute Run
Saturday: 30 Minute Interval Run
Sunday: Even though I wanted to workout… the most I did was clean my house. Which I wore my calorie watch and it took me 50 minutes and I burned 300 calories.
Monday: P90X Chest, Shoulders, Triceps & Ab Ripper (1 hour), 40 Minute Run (4.36 Miles)
Tuesday: P90X Plyometrics (1 hour), 20 Minute Run (2 Miles)… Jell-O- Legs!!!
Wednesday: 40 Minute (3.86 Miles… slower pace due to sore legs), 60 Minutes of P90X yoga… there is no way I could do the full 90 minutes!

TODAY'S TIP: Don't kid yourself by thinking that you will NEVER give into your cravings. It's your bodies way of saying it needs something. If you're a work and your co-workers bring in donuts.... that look SO good! Take a bite, not 3 or 5 bites, but one bite and throw it away! This should give you the taste and cure the "craving" fix. Also, if you can't stay away from chocolate (uhmm - this is TOTALLY me), try switching to Dark Chocolate and get the individually wrapped peices, only allowing yourself one a day. You can also go to sugar free chocolate, however, I wouldn't recommend this all the time.

Hope you all are having great weeks!



Ketty said...

I agree with you about the chocolate.


Dani Joy said...

I totally agree!

Great job this week! I totally saw that you were working hard. I was like thinking there was no way to keep up. LOL you are a machine too! =)

I have a question..
Am I measuring wrong? my chest and waist measurments are the same.
I measure my cheast under my bust and then my waist just above my belly button. is this what you do?

Also I measure my hips around my butt at the fattest point. this is what I understood from Jillian´s measurements but maybe I should measure my hips up higher.

What do you think?

Sarah said...

Dani ~

I have always measured my chest above my breast. I measure my waist right around my belly button, my hips - (this is going to sound bad) but I line the measuring tape up with the top of my butt crack, and then for my butt I put it around the largest part of my butt.

I have done measurements since I started on my weight loss journey and I've just tried to do it the same exact way so that I could see my progress.

I totally forgot to add my workout for the week, so I added that to my post.

Dani Joy said...

oh ok.. of course we aren´t going to change mid way through. ;)
Ok.. thanks for explaining. Was wondering why your chest measurements were more than mine. as we are about the same size on top. But that explains it.

I followed Jillian´s measurements in Making the Cut but I wasn ´t sure if I was doing them right. I measure my hips at the fattest part of my butt and hips. prob. could go a little higher on that but won´t change now. jeje

I wonder what they use for measurements in the MISS America pagents? LOL

let´s keep at this thing! ;)

Dani Joy

Dani Joy said...

So you are doing about a 10 min mile? That´s good. I should see how long it takes me. I really don´t have anyway of measuring my distance yet. You sure are motivating me to get jogging again.

I made an 8 min mile in my highschool days. and who knows in College but I played soccer all through HS and College. Should be able to get back at it.

Let´s see if you don´t get me jogging more! jeje

Thanks for posting your workout. really see that I am not doing enough actually to burn what I am eating. or just enough.

Dani Joy

Dani Joy said...

Actually i did the math and it´s more like a 9 min mile average! girl that´s great!!! you are amazing!!

Sarah said...

Dani ~

I'm slowly increasing my speed, but I average about a 9 minute mile.

And as for my chest measurement. If I did it under my breast, I'm exactly 29 inches. Maybe I'll start adding "Above the breast chest" and "Under the breast chest".

Sarah said...

Oh... and I'm working out as much as I am because I'm training for another race.

If I wasn't training then I would just be in "Maintenance mode" and probably just do the p90x workout one day, run the next, p90x, run the next... something like that. I'm just trying to build up my endurance a bit. My goal is to cut at least 5 minutes off my 10 K time.

Sarah K said...

You are working hard! Woo hoo!
Thanks for the tip!

Dani Joy said...

That´s funny! LOL!
we will label it UBC!
Well, I am feeling really yucky and opted out of my jog. I feel like I copped out but I think my body needs a break. headache coming and achy chest. PMS coming on. uhhhggg.. I am giving myself a day off. ;)
but will eat lighter. Lord willing get to go to the pool and do core work out tomorrow.

Dani Joy

Ketty said...

jajajajaja, I had to laugh at the way you measure your behind :-)