Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Springy Post Special

Glad to be here posting. Even though my results are not impressive, I am glad for the conciousness of being in a constant fight with calories. The simple fact that what comes in needs to be burned is an obvious that many people ignore. So for all of us here, the fact that we have to report keeps us literally "on our toes". This week I tried eating healthy, but I must say that snacks make me happy; I try to keep them healthy (:
I have been doing a variety of exercises, most by Jillian Michaels. Those are the ones that make me feel great when I'm done. Last night, I decided to listen to a sermon while I exercised. After all, I know what I'm supposed to do, so I switched Jillian's company for my husband's sermon. It was challenging both physically and spiritually :)

Here are my newest measurements:

Previous This week

Weight: 57.4 kg 56.3 (124 lbs) (-1.1 kg)

Bust: 95 cm 93 cm (-2)
Chest: 77 cm 77 cm

69 cm 69 cm
95 cm 94 cm (-1)

Right Thigh:
53.5 cm 53.5 cm

Left Thigh:
53.5 cm 53.5 cm

Right Arm:
27 cm 27 cm

Left Arm:
27 cm same

Total loss: 1 kilogram, 3 cm

Have a great week.



Dani Joy said...

Wow you are still losing in your hips!! you go girl! That´s great news!

I still want to lose in my thighs. that´s my touble zone.

It is so motivating knowing you all are at it too!

Thanks for posting. Thinking of you!

Dani Joy

Ketty said...

Good job girl, still loosing centimeters here and there. Muy bien.


Joy said...

Way to go, Maribel. I´ve thought about listening to a sermon as I exercise too...but I usually just watch the morning news, because I need more concentration still on my moves - as I can tell by my present back problems.
I´m trying to convince hubby to get me an eliptical for my birthday or a treadmill (for both of us)but he´s not listening yet : ) I think if I was just walking, I could listen to a sermon and actually enjoy it. Take care and keep up the good work. Your results are great! love, Joy