Tuesday, February 16, 2010

"Double O Zero" - Springy Journal Post - Dani Joy

Yep you read it right.  "Double O Zero!"  I had hoped to lose inches and a few pounds, but it seems my body likes where it´s at. I am on one major plateau!

NO loss, no change.

I did feel better somewhat at the beginning of our Springy week, but Saturday and Sunday came down with a cold plus my good ol´ "Aunt Ruby" decided to visit.  OH it´s been tough this weekend. I did however swim and walk Friday and Saturday and  finally did a 40 min Trouble Zones workout with my hubby today!

So, here we go into a new Springy week and I want to be positive. We have to keep moving. We have to stay healthy. It´s a must. Even if our bodies hit plateaus, we must keep active so we don´t go back the other way. I am just thankful that I have managed to stay put where I am at so far. I know this wouldn´t be possible without your encouragement and this challenge. I think I would have started to lessen up and that would me going backward. NOOOOO!! That must never happen. I am determined! So I leave you with a picture I took after buying some new clothes. ( this is a huge benny for weight loss!)

So Spring forward my fellow springers! Stay motivated! Your goal is right around the corner.

Springing with ya,
Dani Joy

Week 6 will bring us the Nix the Fix and I may continue it to the end. It was a huge help when we did it in the last challenge.
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