Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Guess what?   I stopped at C & A today to see if there were any sales.  Well, I found a nice long brown mermaid style skirt for 9 euros which started at 29,95 euros.  I would much rather pay about 5 euros, but that's besides the point.  Well, I went to try on my normal size 46, but decided to grab a 44 just in case I changed sizes.  To my surprise the 44 was just a bit large at my waist.  I tried on the 42, but it hugged my bottom just a pinch, so I decided not to buy it.  Wow, I went down at least one skirt size.  I'm happy.  :-)  
Like I said in my testimony, I've been exercising for over a year, but I haven't noticed much change. I'm not dieting, but just trying to drink more water and not to over eat.  I'm using the WiiFit Plus.  Since starting this challenge with you all, I've changed my routine.  I was working out 30 minutes about 4-6 times each week.  Now I'm trying to do 40 minutes 6 days a week.  I've added weights to my exercising also.  Now, finally, I'm seeing some changes.  My sleeves are getting looser and my clothes are not so tight.  I'm feeling better and sleeping soundly.
My measurements have changed since starting 4 weeks ago, but I'll just post the changes from last week to this week.

Weight---+.7 kilo
Chest---1.2 cm smaller
Bust---1.2 cm smaller
Right arm---same
Left arm---same
Belly (eight cm below waistline)---same
Right thigh---.6cm smaller
Left thigh---same
Right calf---same
Left calf---same
Right ankle---same
Left ankle---+.2cm
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