Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Springy Journal # 8

I forgot to post my progress yesterday, so here it is today.  Overall, my measurements have barely changed.  Sad to say that some were a speck higher than the week before.  I did lose .7 kilos of which I'm thrilled.  I'm finally seeing more progress in weight loss.  :-)  My clothes are much more comfortable.  A few people even noticed that I look thinner.  I usually hear, "Oh, have you put on some weight, but recently I've heard, "Are you losing weight, you look better."   :-)   Finally, after 15 months of exercise, I'm seeing some results.   Thanks to all of you who have put on some very helpful tips and comments, I've been able to use them to help lose some of my weight.  I still have a long way to go, but there's hope!   A special "Thank you" to Dani Joy for all of her motivating and pushing us to be better equipped physically to serve our Master!   :-)


Maribel said...

How exciting! Doen't it feel good when others notice? Keep up the good work. Once your body begins to let go of the pounds, it may continue if you are faithful. Clothes are a better measurement than scales anyway--more rewarding. Congratulations!

Sarah said...

Congrats! Hang in there. Sometimes our body's have to play "catch-up". Keep up the good work!

Joy said...

Way to go Kathy! Sure glad that you are encouraged and little by little, things will continue to change! I have a dear lady at church (the first) who is elderly and very thin and frail who asked if I was loosing weight. I told her yes, that I wanted her figure and she got a good laugh out of that.

Sarah K said...

Congratulations! Keep up the good work!

Larry R. Carlisle said...

Thanks Ladies! I do plan on keeping this up. We return to the States in about 6 weeks for my oldest daughter's graduation. Hopefully I will keep up some of my exercising there and watch out for empty calories. Thanks for the encouragement! :-)

Kathryn Carlisle :-)

Dani Joy said...

Awesome job, Hmna Kathryn!

Oh I fear going back to the states because every time I go back I gain weight, but I know if we apply what we have learned in these past weeks we can keep on our Fitness Journey even in the STates. Just keep moving and eating right and the right proportions. I have to keep it in mind every day of my life now. ;)

YOu are an encouragement to me, and so many others.

Thanks for keeping with it!

Dani Joy