Thursday, March 11, 2010

Springy Journal - Joy

Spring is definetly in the air...and in Spain there is a saying that says something like "Spring alters your blood". I´m thinking it has altered my brain : ) As I checked the posts yesterday, I wondered why so many had posted on Tuesday...last night it hit was Wednesday! Too bad I missed my measure-in day, because yesterday my clothes were really loose. Anyway, I measured this a.m. and have a some some changes.

I was able to do 20 min. each day last week and Mon. and Tues. of this week got to 30 min. and Tuesday also went for a 20 min. walk. It seems a little slow, but am so thankful that I´m headed back into feeling fit again, even though I know there is a long road ahead.

The food choices were good until yesterday at church for lunch and for supper - out to eat with a new missionary family. But I´m back to springing today and asking God for strength and energy to kick it up another notch, and not let "things" that happen (we had a funeral at church this weekend) let me believe that I can eat whatever I want because of the situation.

Chest - 104 cms. - same
Waist - 86 cms. - same
Hips - 108 cms. - same
Left and right arm - 30 cms. - same
Left leg - 62 cms. - today 61 cms.
Right leg - 59 cms. - today 59 cms.

Weight: 70.4 kilos - today 70.7 kilos

Have a good day!


Dani Joy said...

Hi Joy, it´s ok to measure a day after. I waited too.

Who is the new Missionary family??? WE have a new member of the team?? =) Awesome! PTL

I am so glad you are able to get in 20 min. a day. that´s so great!

Movement is Health!
Dani Joy

Sarah said...


You are doing great! 20 minutes a day is a great start. Don't push yourself to hard right away!

Keep up the good work!


Joy said...

They are presently missionaries in Ireland - Justin and Grace Hayes with a cute little son called Gedeon. They hope to be in the Spain by Jan. 2011. They are sent out from one of our supporting churches in Virginia.

Ketty said...

Keep moving lady, you are doing great as long as you can walk for now.
And it´s great to know more missionaries are coming to Spain.