Thursday, March 11, 2010

Springy Journal - Joy

Spring is definetly in the air...and in Spain there is a saying that says something like "Spring alters your blood". I´m thinking it has altered my brain : ) As I checked the posts yesterday, I wondered why so many had posted on Tuesday...last night it hit was Wednesday! Too bad I missed my measure-in day, because yesterday my clothes were really loose. Anyway, I measured this a.m. and have a some some changes.

I was able to do 20 min. each day last week and Mon. and Tues. of this week got to 30 min. and Tuesday also went for a 20 min. walk. It seems a little slow, but am so thankful that I´m headed back into feeling fit again, even though I know there is a long road ahead.

The food choices were good until yesterday at church for lunch and for supper - out to eat with a new missionary family. But I´m back to springing today and asking God for strength and energy to kick it up another notch, and not let "things" that happen (we had a funeral at church this weekend) let me believe that I can eat whatever I want because of the situation.

Chest - 104 cms. - same
Waist - 86 cms. - same
Hips - 108 cms. - same
Left and right arm - 30 cms. - same
Left leg - 62 cms. - today 61 cms.
Right leg - 59 cms. - today 59 cms.

Weight: 70.4 kilos - today 70.7 kilos

Have a good day!
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