Thursday, May 27, 2010

A different picture

I am living temporarily in the South of Spain and I wanted to have a picture taken with one of these dresses. Today the mother of one of my students brought me this dress so I can have my dream come true. The dress was pretty heavy and tight, but I it fit me.



Sarah K said...

Oh! How fun!
I LOVE it!

Dani Joy said...

lovein´this!!! you look soooo Sevilliana!! VAYA! and look at your tiny waste!

Now you can go do your flamenco dancing. LOL

keep sweatin it!
Dani Joy

Ketty said...

Let me tell you but it was pretty tight getting the zipper up, but these kind of dresses are supposed to be like that. At least I had ruffles to cover the top :-)


KathyH said...

You're looking gorgeous girl!!!

Dani Joy said...

hahah!! yes please cover that top! haha!!!