Thursday, May 27, 2010

Really Quick Sweatin´Journal

You´ll never guess where I am??? well, ok maybe seens how I posted it on daily mile and facebook. :) I am just so excited. I worked so hard to be able to take the boys on our annual end of the school year camping trip. It was hard to convince hubby that we needed to go. It was raining and cloudy. But the sun came out today and God has kept the rain at bay. It´s been fabulous!

We hiked this morning, had a jog on the beach, did Jillian´s Ab workout in the sand, and hiked uphill back to camp. Of course, I logged all my calories burned! woo hoo. and only had a couple bites of the boys icecream. LOL

The boys are swimming right now in the campsite pool, I have my middle son waiting for me to go join him. It´s freezing. We have it all to ourselves though. jeje

OH .. my weight went down to an all time low to 124 but I was unable to hold it there yet. My measures are all the same still. ;) Just maintaining here.

YOu all are great motivators! I love reading all about your fitness journeys and knowing that you are working hard makes me keep working hard! What a blessing you all are!

Love Sweating it with ya,
Dani Joy
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