Monday, May 17, 2010


It seems everytime I start on a "diet or fitness" program, I get hungrier. So the best thing is to find healthy snacks. This is one of the snacks I really like, and even my children are eating them now. You can buy them in Carrefour or in Alcampo. I am almost sure they´ll have them in the US also, they have just a little sugar BUT it´s bron sugar, and not much. The little triangle also comes in cinnamo, this onen hee has dried strawbwrries.

I hope you like them.


Dani Joy said...

These look wonderful. Gonna have to get em!


Dani Joy

~Catherine~ said...

I haven't seen them here but I work in a supremarket so I'll have to look all bran has a lot of yummy snacks :)