Friday, June 18, 2010

Friday Update

Today was the unofficial last day of school for my kids.Technically they have a school day Wednesday (no school mon and tues because of town fiesta days) but it is just going to be games and water games and we have told them they don't have to go if they would rather just sleep in ... they already have their report cards. After the end of the year program the AMPA (like the PTA) is in charge of setting up tables and providing snacks and soda. I was very good and did not take even one bite of the chips on the tables and wasn't going to drink anything but found a bottle of diet soda so I had a glass of that, and then water. After school (which was done by 1 pm) the kids and I got changed and I made a picnic lunch to bring with us for the rest of the day. We picked my hubby up downtown and drove over to the zoo and bought our annual family passes that will get us into the zoo, amusement park, and teleferica for free till the end of the year. We can also go to the water park near our house for just 2 euros a person on weekdays this summer. I packed turkey sandwiches on whole wheat for myself, with just a half slice of light cheese. I was smart and did not take even one corn chip that was packed in the lunch for the kids but brought red pepper slices to nibble on for a crunch. We each had a water bottle and refilled it when it was empty and walked around the zoo for a couple of hours. Then the kids talked their Dad into leaving the zoo and heading about a mile down the road to the amusement park where we walked around and rode a few rides for another couple hours. In all, we were walking around the 2 parks for about 6 hours. I think I will just count 1.5 hours. My hubby decided to go to Pizza Hut for supper and I did not notice that I could have bought a salad for myself until after we had our pizza. There was no option for diet soda so I will have to lose a couple points because I drank some regular Pepsi as that was all we had.

Today's points: exercise +30, meals +6 snacks (plums, pepper strips, nuts) +3 pizza, Pepsi -4 post +1
Total +36


Dani Joy said...

Super job!!! This is great!

I had to take negative points Friday too. We had a picnic. jeje sounds like we are very much alike.

Well, off to count my points up. Looks like we have some competition. LOL

Big hugs
Dani Joy

Madridmom said...

Good night! I was working hard to see if I could beat Gen in miles since my only hope of winning something would be in miles ... no way I could get enough points .... then I just saw Hannah and Esther's tickers. Are those numbers right, 330 miles????? I'm going to pretend I didn't see that and continue in my quest to beat you and Gen on the miles and get to the triple digit numbers before we are done.

Dani Joy said...

Yes, don´t look at those figures and just keep plugging away at it, Alice! YOu are doing great! I wrote them and because they have entered late, i will give them the overall points award (if they keep at it. they have flown by me too) but the miles award I will evaluate for those who have been posting since the beginning. So you still have an opportunity!
I like your competitiveness. It´s fun for me too!

Dani Joy