Thursday, June 17, 2010

Thursday update highs and lows

In some areas I did really well today and in others ...not so well.
I did a ton of walking today between errands, a doctor's visit where I inadvertently parked farther away from the office than I had planned, a "quick detour" to find a new store that turned into a long walk because although I turned onto the correct street, we were a good 5 or 6 long city blocks down the street from the store I wanted to find, and then my planned walk/jog in the morning (day 3 week 2 of the C25K program plus extra warm up and cool down). In total I walked over 7 miles today! I am sneaking up on Gen but every time I look at her ticker she keeps staying ahead.

Now, about Nixing the Fix ..... that was up and down too.
Breakfast was ok with whole wheat toast with the thinnest spread of homemade strawberry jam and orange juice and later in the morning I ate a small apple.
Lunch was tough. The kids and I had hotdogs and I made sure mine were from the package of turkey dogs and not the normal kind. I also used whole wheat bread instead of white buns. Unfortunately my hubby bought a bag of Doritos at the store the other day and it was open and right in front of me. Aaaargh! I have no self control with those things! I had a small handful on my plate and then proceeded to nibble and graze on the rest of the bag. Oh brother!!!
Healthy snacks included a small baby bel cheese, red pepper strips and a plum. The watermelon still didn't get sliced --maybe tomorrow.
Dinner was an attempt to use up leftovers and there was some spaghetti left from the other day and a good quantity of meatballs. I served the kids lots of noodles and then made my plate mostly the meat with maybe 1/4 cup of noodles. Apart from the juice at breakfast, i have only had water to drink, and I have had several large glasses.
What to do with the points? Exercise +30, post +1, food +9 -4
total +36
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