Monday, June 14, 2010


Hi Ladies,
It´s me your want to be trainer. LOL  WEll, at any rate, we sure do need the
encouragement. It´s getting tougher for me to get out and exercise, so I am
thinking that maybe it is for you  as well.

Every challenge I have done extra bonus points. I have yet to do that this challenge. Well, here is your opportunity.

Heading into Week 6
We need a motivational boost. Y0u know what that means. We are going to do extra points
starting Wednesday June 16.

WEEK SIX - NIX the FIX  - here is what it means.

1. 3 points for each
meal you eat healthily. veggie, fruit, whole wheat, lean meat, sugar free
dessert ect. (pasta may be white but very little) Go light on the
potatoes . 1 point for healthy snacks. (ie fruit, sugar free) possible 3 snacks. Total 12 -food points a day. Go light on the snacks and they must be healthy. Go light on the portions as well.

2. Negative 2 points for any junk food you
eat. (sugar laden food, junk food, fried food, starchy, fatty foods, and
alcoholic and sugary beverages. 
Even a bite is negative points, so
don´t risk it.

3. List your points on the tickers
under the post catagory and then add them in. (it´s the Ps
on the ticker) so not to get them mixed up with your minutes

4. Plus 10 EXTRA points  for every
half  hour of exercise. Let´s
try to get in an hour of exercise a day. You can do this! Let´s meet our
  Mix it up.  (again put the extra points on the "ps"
section of the ticker)

 5. 1 point for every post. one per
day. You may post as often as you would like to the end of the
challenge.  Starting Wednesday, remember.

Ok.. are we
motivated! well, I know I need it and I am totally excited to work hard on my
eating this week.  Let´s meet our goals, Ladies! If you need some extra
motivation, watch Jillian Michael´s Losing It on Tuesday night.

Don´t hesitate to ask any question. We need to be there for each other.
Sweatin it with ya,
Dani Joy


~Catherine~ said...

yes the bonus points are very motivating!!! I did 90 minutes today, partly because I was a slacker yesterday :) eating the right foods isn't the hard part for me in general I'm also working on eating at better times, like not right before bed although I did notice the some of my beverage choices weren't as good though... After the Y the boys and I have a Very Vanilla silk whoa lots of sugar, but I needed some protien and a little something to keep me from over eating when I got home so I took the negative points... a good kind of "cheat" food is whole grain tortilla chips with salsa just keep it to a serving (in this case 11 large chips and 2 table spoons of Salsa total 130 calaories great veggies in the salsa and a full serving of whole grains and crunchy, I wasn't full from 11 chips so I had some baby carrots but it was so much better then the heavily salted and buttered popcorn I would have had for a snack before I started this challenge :)

Dani Joy said...

Great job, Cathy!!! You are doing terrific! thanks for the tip too on the tortilla chips I love those things!! I have a hard time keeping to 11 that´s for sure!

I know I have been taking a few negitive points. that´s gonna end tomorrow. ;) I am seeing the scales move down and don´t want to mess that up.

Sweatin it with ya,
Dani Joy