Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Update week 5

I was so excited last week to see the scale go down to 133. It has since bounced around a pound or two but never settled firmly back at 133. today was 133.6 so that is good. Unfortunately Dani gave us warning of the nix the fix that starts tomorrow and I have been quite rebellious today doing things like finishing the bag of Doritos on the table. I will work hard to make good choices this coming week, though. Things are really busy and I am really going to have to get creative to get the exercising in but I want to see that number increase in my miles category.
Are we really down to just 2 weeks left? I don't guess I will reach my 129 lb goal but I am going to see how close I can get. For some reason i thought this challenge was going into July but the spreadsheet just goes to June 30th.
For some reason I am hesitant to measure but I think tomorrow I will dig out the measuring tape and see what change, if any, there is in my body. In just the past few days I have had several people comment about my weight loss and how they are noticing the change. That is sooo encouraging for me.

Well, I need to get myself off to bed. But first, my allergy medicine. I am so ready for whatever is in the air to go away so I can breathe again.


Dani Joy said...

Awww sorry about your allergies. My Dad has them bad too. That can make it tough to exercise. I hope you can keep pushing though.

that´s so great that people are noticing your eforts. That will help keep ya motivated for sure.

Don´t worry if there isn´t a lot of change now in inches. our bodies get to a point where they are happy. we have to keep pushing them out of their comfort zones.

Keep some good snacks around. I too have a rebelious food streek. jeje. have to have things I can grab that are good for me.

Big sweaty hug,
Dani Joy

~Catherine~ said...

isn't it wonderful when someone notices all the hard work you've put in :) My Best friend looked at me the other day and said "you've lost MORE weight". Then she asked about what I had been doing differently. I was able to share with her and got her thinking about working out with me which would be even more encouraging to have a workout buddy :) as for allergies I'm right there with you thats one of the many reasons I joined the YMCA I need to workout in a pollen free environment hard to work up a sweat when you can barely breathe... Keep up what you are able to do though sounds like you are making it work way to go :)