Friday, October 22, 2010

Adding on!

This week, I decided to add some more exercises to my routine, therefore increasing my workout time each day.  I'm rising each morning a little earlier  and starting my exercises first thing.  This way, I have more time for my other daily activities.
 I have a great big PRAISE today.   Yesterday, as my husband and I were in the kitchen working on one of the cabinets, another cabinet fell from the wall and crashed down to the floor about one foot from us.   Needless to say, I screamed like a crazy woman, but we were not hurt physically, just shaken emotionally.   The Lord is so GOOD!  The cabinet could have seriously injured us or even killed one of us.  Yesterday morning just 5 hours before the accident, I was teaching 2 women how to make oatmeal cookies.  I love how God had everything time out so carefully.  While teaching, I was stand in the exact area where the cabinet landed just 5 hours later.  PRAISE THE LORD!
Another thing, last night my husband and I gave blood.  They always check our blood to see if we have enough iron.  This time my iron was very good.  I've been eating lots of spinach in my salads and on my sandwiches.  I guess it is paying off!  :-)


Landry ladies said...

I’m glad ya’ll weren’t hurt. I think the Lord just let’s these things happen sometimes to show us he is watching out for us.

Good Job on rising earlier each morning to exercise!

Dani Joy said...

Praise the Lord is right! wow! amazing how His timing kept you safe. His angels were holding that cabinet up. :)

Awesome goal to get up earlier and add in that extra exercise.

Dani Joy

Charlie said...

It's so great the the Lord knows everything, so we don't have to worry about anything.

I'm so glad you are all okay.

Praise the Lord.


Rebecca said...

Great job getting up earlier to exercise. I do that too and I found that it really helps. Glad nobody was hurt when the kitchen cabinet fell. Glad you were able to give blood.