Thursday, October 21, 2010

Thunder, meatloaf and lack of planning

O.K., I promised I would blog every time I failed. I got home from work and put on my walking jeans but it was thundering and the wind was blowing pretty hard so I did'nt walk. I made a favorite dinner of meatloaf and ate way too much...then the snacking started. Candy corn Candy pumpkins and a small apple pie. I am ashamed to admit this to all of you who are working so faithfully.
Thinking about this now I realize that I should have gone in my room and done a dvd or just done jumping jacks or push up or even virtual jump rope to some good music. I probably would have been able to say no to so much eating.
I realize now that I need a backup plan! Advice is always welcome ladies. Thanks for all of the posts, they help me feel like there is hope (:
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