Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Excitement over some progress!

Wow, I just weighed in and took my measurements for the week.  After a busy week of exercise and trying to cut back on my eating, I see improvement!  :-)  I lost 1/2 kilo (1 lb.) and 6 cm (2 1/2 in.).  This is a great start for me and an encouragement to keep it up!  I still have a long way to go, but it's coming.  Let's keep it up Ladies, we can do this together!   :-)

Weight:      62.9             -.5 kilos
Bust:          95 cm          same
Chest:        82 cm          - 1 cm
Waist         83 cm          - 3 cm
Hips           99.5 cm       same
R Thigh      57.5 cm       - 1 cm
L Thigh      55.5 cm       - 1 cm
R Arm       32 cm          same
L Arm        30.5 cm      same


Amy B. said...

That is so awesome!! I am really happy for you. Keep up the great work.

analyticalwon said...

I'm excited for you!!!

When you see results right away it's a lot easier to stick with something. I'm glad that you were able to see results that fast. Just remember that while you are burning off that fat you might also be putting on some muscle so don't ever be discouraged if the scale doesn't always show what you want it to show. That's why it's good to do your measurements too (as you are doing).

Keep it up and keep letting us know how great you are doing so we can be encouraged to do the same. =)

Charlie said...

YAY!!!!! How exciting is that! I love to see this type of post.

Let's keep crunchin'


Dani Joy said...

You are going to town! Way to go!

You will continue to see those results if you are consistant!

Rejoycing with you,
Dani Joy