Monday, October 18, 2010

Finally getting started

Ok, so I'm finally getting started a bit late on this challenge. I've been looking forward to it, and planning for it, I just had a few delays getting started. One of our dogs was very sick and almost died last week, and we were at the vet's office with her, and spending lots of hours making sure she was still alive.

First of all, I'll post my measurements. I'm not very tall, 5'3", so I need to keep in shape to keep those pounds from creeping on. I'm 37, and want to keep in shape for the Lord and my family.

Height 5'3"
Weight 53.5 kg (118 lb.)
Bust 34"
Chest 29.25 "
Waist 28"
Fat part of tummy 31.5"
Hips 39"
R thigh 21.5"
L thigh 21.5"
R arm 11"
L arm 11.25"

I would like to get to 112. That is the weight I used to maintain, but I also wasn't building muscle. I did get to this at the end of one of the fitness challenges, but was unable to stay at that weight. Even if I stay at 115, I would be happy. I also hope to tone my muscles.


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Dani Joy said...

Welcome back Tami! I have missed you! You are just so far away but this blog brings us together! You are an inspiration!

I like how you measured the fat part of your tummy. I will do this also. ;) I just still am flabergasted at how all our measurements can be the same and you weight almost 5lbs less than me. I know you said it´s bone but, I wonder if it´s not water weight and fat. uhhhgg!
It would be interesting to compare on one of those mass scales. I have one at home. It measures my water mass, and muscle mass.
Anyway.. each persons ideal weight is different that´s why we don´t compare that. ;) jeje

I am so proud of you for maintaining! you really have done well! even with all the guests.

Keep on Crunchin´
crunchin´with ya,
Dani Joy