Monday, October 18, 2010

Crunchin, instead of Munchin !

We are nearing the end of the first week of this challenge, and for me it has been a week of making changes in my routine. I got back to doing my Wii Fit Plus and added the Weight Watchers Walking DVD. I am not really physically at a point of running or jogging, but hope to work up to it. My 20 minutes a day has turned into 30, then 40, then 60. I find I have more energy. I haven't eaten any goldfish or jelly beans for over a week, though I had a couple of marshmallows tonight. I am still working on cutting out the extra calories that I don't need but I have cut back quite a bit. You have all been my accountability this week, and for that I am grateful. Last night in our church service, we had an 80 year old bass singer give a mini concert. Even at his age, he had so much energy and his voice was incredible. Sometimes I think that being 55 is the end of the road and I should slow down, especially in my ministry. Last night, I was challenged to continue serving the Lord and taking care of my body and my spirit. I am looking forward to the weekly measuring to see if there is any change. Even if there isn't change in the numbers, I am happy that there has been change in my outlook on life and my physical well-being. Thank you ladies!
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