Wednesday, October 13, 2010

My Beginning Measurements

Okay, ladies here we go. Below are my measurements.

Weight - 151 lbs (Wow, I already lost a lb. before we even officially started) I guess the excitement helped. hahaha!)

Bust - 41 inches

chest - 33.5 inches

Waist- 34 inches

Hips - 42 inches

Right arm - 12 inches

left arm - 12 inches

Right thigh - 23.5 inches

Left thigh - 23 inches

Well, let's start crunching today.



Dani Joy said...

Yippeee! on that pound! It was great eating at your home! It was like eating healthy without having to think about it! I stayed at my 123# without even having to do much. :)

You are a huge blessing in this Crunch already and I so appreciate all your comments. Thank you for helping out and being a leader in this.

Love you!
Big hugs
Dani Joy

sherry said...

Charlie, it sounds like we have the same body! How tall are you? These posts are very helpful (:

Charlie said...


I am 5'3" (Actually 5'2-3/4"). LOL!!!!