Monday, October 18, 2010


Hi, My name is Tami Jackson. I have participated in the past few challenges that Dani Joy has had. I did really well the first challenge, and still kept up, but not every day for the others. After the first Crunch I had lost 9 lb, and 20 inches. Right now my weight is the same as it was at the end of the Crunch, but I have gained back about an inch in all areas.

A little bit about me. . . . My husband and I are missionaries in Irkutsk, Siberia, Russia. We have been here for 10 years now. We have been working with a national church. The Lord is leading us to a new city, so when our house sells, we will be packing up and moving across the country to Krasnodar to begin a new church planting effort there.

I have 3 children, Ashley, 13, who will be doing the Crunch with me, Andrew, almost 11, and Melissa, who will be 7 this week. Our kids are homeschooled, and I am also busy with teaching English, Bible studies, and playing the piano for the children's choir at church. I also have been teaching my kids piano.

I am an RN, and so I know the importance of regular exercise and maintaining a healthy weight. There is a lot of heart disease and cancer in both sides of my family, so regular exercise can help me stay healthy for my family and for the Lord. Just this summer, one of my aunts was diagnosed with breast cancer, so it has really hit home with me that I need to be faithful with exercise.

I have done fairly well with exercise over the past year, but one difficulty for me is when we have company. When we have company staying with us for extended amounts of time, I really have a hard time exercising, as in, I don't usually do it at all. This summer, my daughter and I did Jillian's 30 Day Shred, and then we had company come and stay with us for 2 weeks. Since they came, I haven't done any exercise, and that was about a month ago.

I'm really glad Dani Joy is doing another Crunch, so I can have some extra motivation to be faithful in exercise. This Crunch I plan to exercise by doing Jillian aerobics and weight training, using my elliptical and outside work. Any day now, we will have snow, and some of you may remember that there were quite a few days that my snow shoveling constituted my exercise for the day.

Measurements will be posted in the next post.

I'll be looking forward to crunching once again with all of you.

Tami Jackson


Charlie said...

It's so nice to meet you. Like you my family has a history of cancer. Only mine has osteoporosis, diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol problems as well. So taking care of our bodies is essential to being able to serve the Lord properly.

We are only almost 1 week into this crunch and I'm already feeling better. I hope you are too.

With the Lord's help we can do it.


Siberia said...

We have all those in my family too, except for the osteoporosis.


Dani Joy said...

Yippeee!! You´re back! Big hugs to you and Ashley!

One day we will meet. ;)

Wouldn´t it be increadible if we could do a Crunch Reunion? LOL

Great job on the dvds I didn´t realize you had gotten Jillian´s. Do you like them?

Dani Joy

Larry R. Carlisle said...

Good to have you join us Tami.

Kathryn :-)

Siberia said...

Dani Joy,

I ordered 2 Jillian DVD's and had my friend bring them when she came to visit. I was able to get the 30 Day Shred by download from Exercise TV. Now to just keep Andrew out of the living room when it is time for us to exercise. He can be upstairs for hours, it seems, until we get to exercising, and then he wants to come downstairs.


5kjenni said...

Hi Tami,

Great to meet you! I am new to the group and attempting to lose at least 10 pounds in 10 weeks...ideally would like to lose 16 pounds but will see how things go. In the first week, I didn't see any weight change. This week I am focusing on eating less (cuz I tend to eat 2nd servings). With God all things are possible and I know we can do this!