Monday, October 18, 2010

This is just the beginning

It has almost been a week and I am definitely sore. Genni and I are walking 3 miles up and down the hills in this beautiful hill country. My body is feeling the pain :) This is my plan to walk the 3 miles in the morning and do some other stationary exercises. I am also cutting way back on carbohydrates including bread, pasta, fruit except grapefruit and berries, rice, sweets, cereal. I have been doing fairly well, though we had spaghetti yesterday for lunch and we are having pasta fazoole tonight. I plan to slip the pasta to my 4 year old daughter who is not over weight and will love the extra pasta. We are planning to eat better as the week progresses. I desperately need to go shopping. My biggest challenge right now is the delicious raw Jersey cow milk we are getting from a local dairy farm. I have been drinking it when I feel hungry and am going to limit it to one cup per day. I am very over weight and will email my measurement to Dani Joy. I hope to loose 10-20 # on this challenge. If I can do more than this with God's help, I will post my before and after measurements. Blessing to all of you who are more faithful in this than me. I thank God for my daughter Genni who is an encouragement to me.
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