Friday, October 15, 2010

Those Pesky Measurements

Dum, da, dum, dum.......

Starting measurements (as taken on Wednesday).

Biceps = 13"

Bust = 38"

Waist = 35"

Hips = 41"

Thighs = 22"

Update on my progress:

This first part is HUGE for me... I haven't indulged in a soda (diet or regular) since Monday. Really struggled with some crabbiness this week. I have also taken myself off of coffee for awhile so it was complete caffeine deprivation - Ha! That being said, I have turned the corner on the headaches and feel much better.

I have been sticking with my commitment to eliminate the "whites" and to exercise faithfully. I believe that the exercise is what helped me to pull through the caffeine withdrawals as I would get a bit of an energy boost after each workout.

I am excited about this challenge and get a little jazzed each time I check the blog and see that someone has commented or updated. I know I do better sticking to my guns when there is an accountability factor involved.

I am looking forward to updating next week with (fingers crossed) some pounds lost. Nothing ventured, nothing gained...


Cindy B. said...

Congrats on the soda/caffeine withdrawal! Next time you want a soda, just remind yourself that it is full of "empty calories" and you would rather use those calories on wholesome food. Glad the headaches have stopped. That is a big hurdle to overcome. --Cindy B.

Maribel said...

Wow! Great job! Maybe I'll try the no caffeine this week. I have been sick and had not had coffee for three days now. I'll keep that up for the rest of this week. I do have low blood pressure--See what happens.

Thanks for your hard work and your determination--it is encouraging!

Maribel, from Spain.

Dani Joy said...

You know, you are an inspiration for me! I can´t believe you went off caffeine! even coffee there in Panama, that must be a big thing. ;) I know for me in Spain, I don´t go a day without coffee. I need to clean myself out.

Crunchin´it with ya,
Dani Joy

Ruth H. said...

Well, the original goal was just to cut out the diet sodas, but my coffee maker up and died on me one day into the challenge! Sooooo, until I can replace it we are doing without. It isn't so bad now, but the first couple of days were nasty! I do love my morning coffee :)
Ruth H.