Friday, October 15, 2010

Those Pesky Measurements

Dum, da, dum, dum.......

Starting measurements (as taken on Wednesday).

Biceps = 13"

Bust = 38"

Waist = 35"

Hips = 41"

Thighs = 22"

Update on my progress:

This first part is HUGE for me... I haven't indulged in a soda (diet or regular) since Monday. Really struggled with some crabbiness this week. I have also taken myself off of coffee for awhile so it was complete caffeine deprivation - Ha! That being said, I have turned the corner on the headaches and feel much better.

I have been sticking with my commitment to eliminate the "whites" and to exercise faithfully. I believe that the exercise is what helped me to pull through the caffeine withdrawals as I would get a bit of an energy boost after each workout.

I am excited about this challenge and get a little jazzed each time I check the blog and see that someone has commented or updated. I know I do better sticking to my guns when there is an accountability factor involved.

I am looking forward to updating next week with (fingers crossed) some pounds lost. Nothing ventured, nothing gained...
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