Saturday, November 20, 2010

Nix the Fix- Free Day Hitting ZERO


Yes, I got zero points and an extra pound yesterday! At least, I didn´t have to subtract points.

Here´s what happened...

I had to subtract 15 points yesterday for these bad boys!
The middle dish is called Fabada. I made it for my in-laws. It isn´t all bad, in fact by itself I probably wouldn´t have taken off points but, I had to have it with bread. It´s just the Spanish way. (only one little piece) Then my M-i-L made brownies! uhhhgggg!!!

I did have 3 points for exercise. So I lost those too for my splurge. I had eaten really well, all day. No sugar, no bad carbs, ect. So I had 12 points for food but, had to take them all away. This was not my original plan. I really needed these points and did not need the sugary, fatty foods. Stepped on the scale this am and it read a pound more.

Here is my plan for the rest of the week
- exercise hard for an hour a day! 400-600 calories burned a day. ( a must)
- No empty carbs!
- Absolutely no bad sugar!
- 3liters of water to purge myself! ;)

I dedicate to this for me and for you all!

Whose with me?

Dani Joy

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Larry R. Carlisle said...

That's so funny. I was going to ask if we could have a "free" day, because I had 4 bad choices yesterday (-20 points :-( ). I made many good choices, but I had hot chocolate for breakfast, garlic bread for lunch, brownie for a snack, and pepperoni on my whole wheat pizza! Ouch! -20 hurts! :-(
I will be good today! :-)

Kathryn P.S. With those yummy pictures, I see why you couldn't pass up the -15 points!