Thursday, November 18, 2010

Thankful for the Little Things

Sometimes our days take an unexpected turn, and it causes us to think about things that we may have taken too much for granted. This week my husband was schedules for surgery - expected to last for 2 hours, and then coming home the same day. However, it didn't go that way. The operation ended up lasting for 5 hours, and then he had complications in the recovery room. They wanted to keep him overnight for observation. I stayed overnight in his room, sleeping in the chair by his bed.

Fortunately, the Dr. said that there was no indication of any malignancy. He was much better the next day and we were able to come home yesterday afternoon. The Dr. is encouraging him to eat a high fiber diet, so we are working on that as a family.

Today, I am so thankful for having him home. We have had 31 years together, and I feel very blessed.

Tomorrow we have to go back to town to have some more tests done. My schedule has been all off, and my first priority is taking care of him, as he recovers. This afternoon, he suggested that I take the dog for a walk. It was so wonderful to get in some exercise and enjoy the fresh air.

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