Thursday, November 18, 2010

Dealing with Nixing the Fix

I was away from home visiting a friend yesterday when the nix the fix started so I was limited in my control over my food. Unfortunately I will have to subtract some points... and to top it off I ended up sleeping in so I didn't get the workout in that I had planned to do first thing in the morning.
Today has been better so far. I did the 2 mile Leslie Sansone tape this morning, then had "breakfast" out with friends as I always do on Thursday mornings. I usually have a grilled croissant with jam but today opted for the toast with olive oil and fresh tomato and garlic that my husband loves. My friend and I ordered one order and split it. I had chili planned for lunch and instead of making my normal recipe for cornbread to go with it (that calls for sugar and white flour) I went on and found a recipe that only used cornmeal and called for honey or molasses. Unfortunately it called for buttermilk and selfrising cornmeal. I had neither but tried to make substitutions and ended up not adding any salt. That, combined with the other substitutions resulted in a cornbread that was lacking in taste (on the plus side I was less tempted to have seconds). It wasn't bad crumbled up on the chili instead of the salteen crackers we normally use. Maybe I will freeze what is left to put in the Thanksgiving stuffing for the turkey. I do hate to throw it away. Maybe next time I will just try to make my regular recipe and substitute the honey for the sugar and maybe whole wheat flour for the white flour.
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