Tuesday, November 16, 2010

picture & measurements

This is the most recent picture I have of myself. I am on the far right. I think because of the angle I don't think I look too bad, but some other photos that were taken of me that night were not so flattering .. I bought this outfit a couple of years ago when I was almost 20 pounds heavier. I'm thinking it may be time to pass it along to someone else who will fit into it better than I do.
Starting Measurements New measurements
weight: 134 lbs. 135 lbs. +1
Bust: 36". 91.5 cm 35" -1 (figures!)
Chest: 33". 84 cm 33" no change
Waist: 33". 84 cm 33" no change
Hips: 39.5". 100.25 cm 39.5" no change
R thigh: 22". 56 cm 22" no change
L thigh: 22.5". 57 cm 22.5" no change
R arm: 11.5". 29 cm 11.5" no change
L arm: 11". 28 cm 11" no change

1 comment:

Dani Joy said...

These last few inches and lbs will be tough. Keep at it. We are cheering for you!

Dani Joy