Thursday, February 17, 2011

Back for S2SII

Hi, my name is Vicki King. I have been a part of two other fitness challenges that Dani has done, and have joined this one again because I love the "competition" and accountability it provides.

My husband and I are missionaries in Gotha, Germany (former East Germany). We have been here now for over 6 years. We have three children ages 5, 4, and 20 months. Last year my husband decided on a major health overhaul - he lost about 70lbs. So, it has been wonderful now to be working together on eating more healthy and excercising regularly. Unfortunately I don't have a very up-to-date picture, so this will have to do for now (this was taken last summer).

My goals for this challenge are to lose about 10 lbs and keep up with the daily excercise of about 1 hour. I also want to add in some more weight training and try build more muscle and not just be "burning calories".

My starting measurements are:
height - 5'10"
bust - 38"
chest - 33"
waist - 32"
hips - 41.5"
r thigh - 24"
l thigh - 25"
r arm - 12.5"
l arm - 12.5"

I look forward to cheering one another on as we spring into shape for the next 10 weeks!


Dani Joy said...

Vicki, I gotta get on your blog to catch up on little Hannah. She is adorable! I can´t believe she is almost 2.

You are doing great!!! So glad you are keeping on and that we can do this together. God has given us incredible bodies to serve HIm. Let´s be at our best for His Glory.

How are you adjusting back to Germany? How long was your trip the the US?

Big Springy hugs,
Dani Joy

Donna said...

Vicki!!! So glad to see you here, Friend! I check your blog quite regularly--you need to add something! ;) Are you guys in the States right now? I saw something on FB about jetlag? Let me know if you're in Gville. Maybe we can catch a coffee together or something!

KathyH said...

Hey Vicki!

Sending you a wave from Aschaffenburg LOL!

You definitely should get a current photo posted, not only to show you're slimming and toning up but so we can all see how your lovely kiddies are growing.


Kathy <><

Dani Joy said...

What a small world. I think Greenville makes the world smaller don't you? Lol