Saturday, February 19, 2011

Cindy P. Journal - OIGH

Well, it's been a bad food and water week. I am really struggling to drink enough water for myself, let alone for me & the baby plus walking. Any suggestions? I know how much I am drinking, I just can't seem to get it down. (although, thankfully, it's not bouncing back anymore).

On the plus side, God has been so good to us here in Virginia, with beautiful weather the past week. Once our "germs" cleared out we were able to have the windows open for two days and have enjoyed walking and playing outside. Yesterday, Jeff got home in time for us to go to the park and walk the nature trails. We saw 16 deer, geese, and swans.

I have a 2 year old who wants to be down to walk - how do I keep a good pace? My 10 and almost 8 year old are no problem, and last summer we were all running together, with the lil one in the jogger. Pushing the jogger with a 30lb kiddo is great, but she won't stay in the stroller that long anymore. She is also not napping, so finding the time to be outside (which I am craving) to walk, is getting harder.

Again, any suggestions would be greatly appreciated, but mostly I covet your prayers. I am having a hard time asking God for help in this area. (Maybe the accountability part??)

Thanks so much, Ladies! I am loving reading your posts.
Cindy P.


Dani Joy said...

Hey, Cindy! Great questions. YOu are gonna get a bunch of comments on these. ;)

well, my suggestion on the water is add something to it that you like. Crystal light, pure cranberry juice is very good it cleans you out, You could also get that zero water stuff. Just a few ideas. I add cranberry sometimes to my water.

as for walking, you may have to find a time where you can get out alone to walk. I don´t know, but maybe you could do it faster and get more in. When Jeff comes, take turns walking with the little one. jeje She needs her walk too but maybe you will have to take days where you just go out and get an half hour in just yourself. Think of it as "you time". ;) I do a lot of thinking and praying when I can get out like that. It´s a huge blessing. I will pray for that for you. ;)

I know it can be challenging with little ones to fit in exercise. I ended up exercising at 11pm after the boys went to bed. It wasn´t ideal but it worked for the first 6months or so.

YOu are doing great. Keep the goal in your mind´s eye. ;) take it easy and be sure to listen to your body.

Big hugs,
Dani Joy

KathyH said...

Hey Cindy!

I'm with Dani about adding flavour to the water. I like lemon or lime best. Also, try adding a good squeeze of lemon to fizzy water, it makes a great alternative to soda.

I invested in a Soda-Stream purely to make fizzy water, which I love, and after 3 months it had paid for itself.

Although I don't have kids myself, lots of my friends do. Regarding the slow pace of your little one have you seen these bikes - direct translation from German is a walking bike.

As soon as a child can walk reasonably well they can use these. My friend's litte girl was using hers from about 19 months and after a couple of weeks was speeding along so Mom could even get in some jogging whilst big sis rode her bike. At that age they don't have the co-ordination for a bike, but be warned, it's tough on the shoes!! This little one is still using it at age 4 and they even took it with them when they moved to Shanghai!!

Keep springing and don't forget, every little helps!


Kathy <><

Donna said...

I am personally an all-water person, but, I know that some people aren't. Try to wean yourself down to just pure water, though...takes time, but it can happen. Lemon or Lime or cucumber--or a combo of all is good for you, though, so maybe try that. Putting water in a water bottle vs. a glass is a HUGE help to me. For some reason it seems daunting in a a 16.9oz bottle...goes right down. Also, don't try to drink it ice cold...much harder to get down! Those are things I have done--with success. I now drink 1/2 my body weight in ounces in water each day! (i.e, I weigh 204lbs, so I drink at least 102 ounces.) Maybe I should post that as a diet tip! :-)
Stick with it...every little walk, every sip helps!

CindyP said...

Thank you!!
Donna, I have recently read that thing about drinking 1/2 your body weight in ounces. that was my goal and I am falling soooo short!
I know I am always dehyrdrated. My mouth is so dry when I wake up in the morning it almost hurts and I am getting headaches easily again.
This may be a bigger prayer request than the time to exercise w/o the kids.
Thanks again, girls! Love & prayers to you all,

Siberia said...

Is there anything you can try to keep your little one in the stroller, like picture books for her to look at? Keep trying to push the water intake. I usually drink at least 1 glass of water before starting each meal. Maybe you could have certain times you drink, like a full glass before each meal, and then another during or after. Drink a full glass before your walk and another after your walk.

I don't know how far your are into your pregnancy, but the biggest prevention for pre-term labor is adequate hydration.

Since my girls and I haven't exercised heavily for a while, we did the BJU kids workout DVD that is also listed on that page I sent a link to. It is only 20 minutes, and I'm sure it is something you would be able to keep up throughout your pregnancy with your doctor's approval.


CindyP said...

@ Siberia - she stays in the stroller for about 25-30 mins, and then we walk the rest of the way together. I had been hoping that letting her walk some would help her get more exercise and then be sleepy in the afternoons. :)

Madridmom said...

Hi Cindy, I don't have any suggestion that is better than what has already been said but I am too curious not to ask ..... what does OIGH mean????

CindyP said...

@MadridMom -
OIGH - it may have an actually meaning, and I may have spelled it wrong, but I was using it as a sigh of frustration. :)