Monday, February 28, 2011

Fitness Tip: Proper Perspective

One major change in my life has been in the area of exercise.  I always HATED even the word exercise, so getting going on the exercise thing was a bit difficult for me.  It really was a spiritual struggle.  Then, as I started to do it, it became a vital part of my day.  I was desperate to lose weight and knew that the more I exercised the faster it would come off!  So, I really began focusing on the exercise part.  I was so excited about the changes the Lord was helping me make in my life.

When ministry interfered with my exercise, I became very irritable and argued with the Lord over the whole thing.  Just the other day I was driving down the road taking a meal to a family who had just had a baby and planning on spending some time to chat with a mother of a toddler and newborn, and was literally griping out loud (to an empty car--I'm single!!) about the fact that I was going to miss my exercise for the day.  There was going to really be no way to get it in.  The Lord immediately convicted me that I was putting my exercise ahead of people.  Exercise was good.  But exercise has its place.  People are more important.  If I reach that goal weight a few weeks later because I took time to minister to people, I will be much more grateful and happier about that than if I shove people aside in order to reach that "ideal" weight. 

I began to meditate on Paul's admonition to Timothy  in 1 Timothy 4:8:  for while bodily training is of some value, godliness is of value in every way, as it holds promise for the present life and also for the life to come.

So, while bodily exercise does profit, and it is important, it does not hold a candle to godliness--the promise for the present life AND the life to come!

So, ladies, while we exercise in order to stay fit to minister to God's people, let's remember to minister to God's people!


Charlie said...

Very well said. Just like everything else there needs to be a balance. People are definitely higher on the priority list than exercise. The Lord at the top of the list always.

Dani Joy said...

AMEN!!! This is so vital! I just had this conversation with a friend, yesterday. She was concerned that I was getting obsessed, because I was burning so many calories. (playing b-ball with my boys and karate which was fun exercise) I was thankful that she could talk with me, but hurt that she would think that.

I pray continually that my perspective will be right in taking care of my body for God´s glory. I think grumping is a good check for me too. If I grump at missing a workout and get irritated than I probably am having the wrong perspective. this has happened often with having to care for my family or even my lack of planning.

Let´s pray for each other in this.

thank you for posting this. It is so valuable!

Dani Joy