Monday, February 28, 2011

The Grocery Store Did Me In, but the Water Bailed Me Out

I am a little behind in posting during this challenge. I am also a little behind in exercising and eating right. You see, this past week our grocery store had Goldfish on sale, and at the same time put out their jelly beans for Easter. These are my two very BIG downfalls, as you know from the last challenge. Well, I couldn't pass up the sale, and I just had to have one bag of JB's. UGH!! After eating all those carbs, I felt horrible. So Saturday I decided to stop with the snacks and drink water (which I do not like to do). So I poured myself 11 glasses of water (6 oz) and drank them throughout the day (see picture). Well, I felt like I needed a lifeboat with all that water, so yesterday and today I cut back to 48 oz. instead of 64. I figure I'll get back to the 64 eventually. But that much water three days in a row is a record for me (and I'm 56 years old). So I hope I can keep it up this week. The dr. had told me to drink more water as couple months ago. I already feel a little better. Next I have to get back to the exercising. Between my work schedule and evening activities, I haven't had much time for that. I am NOT a morning person so early morning exercise is not very appealing to me. Well, enough said on the subject. I am going to make the next 8 weeks count for something and do better than I did the past two. Tonight I went to the grocery store and DID NOT buy any goldfish or jelly beans. Instead I bought fruit and vegetables (and paid a lot more for them than Alice does in Madrid, but it was worth it). Hopefully the next post will show some improvement. Thanks for your prayers and encouragement.
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