Thursday, February 17, 2011

Hello, I am Sarah K. =)

I have been doing the challenges with Danielle since the beginning. I tend to do better at exercising during the challenge and on not so crazy weeks, good with the eating also. When we are not in a challenge, whatever progress was made disappears. =( I did have one encouraging thing happen, though. I have been walking during my kids class (with the mp3 player) 60 min 2 days a week and when my husband and I went for a walk the other day he got tired before I did. Normally I am worn out first!
My goals for this challenge are to exercise 60 min 6 days a week. By walking 60 min 2 days a week, Louise Solomon's Yogalates 3 days a week and Denise Austin's Fat-Burning Dance Mix 1 day a week. The videos are 60 min each.
Try to eat smaller portions and not graze on snack (junk) food. I am noticing my hardest times of temptation are afternoons (3-6 ish) and occasionally after putting the kids to bed.
My baby brother is getting married this July and I would really like to not weigh what I did when my other brother got married 5 years ago July. So I think I have another motivation that may help with the commitment level.
Looking forward to Springing into Shape with you!

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Dani Joy said...

Yay!! This is a victory to have you on the blog again! woo hoo! I am soooo excited! I was just mentioning to Charlie that if we get anymore interest I am going to need a team to run this this ministry. ;) I love it! I know you were a great encouragement in all the challenges and I am so looking forward to all that you bring. ;)

Cheering you on too, with all the exercise plans! Way to go on keeping up with your walking. Keep increasing your speed and you will see major change. Keep pressing play and clean out all the junk food replacing it with food you can snack on at those hours. Almonds and raisins are great snacky foods. I am a total snacker too.

Big Springy hug
Dani Joy